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Health Kinesiology training has an international reputation for high standards and integrity and is now available in Australia.

Health Kinesiology is a powerful whilst non-invasive complementary therapy making it a perfect choice if you are looking for a “new pathway in life”.

My HK training with Ann was one of the most comprehensive, challenging and stimulating that I have ever been privileged to experience. It provided just the right balance of theory and practice integrating the two into a highly professional, progressive training. James Wood, Ledbury

I can thoroughly recommend Ann Parker to you.  She is a fine and enthusiastic teacher.  I came to Health Kinesiology as an esablished and fully qualified professional Kinesiologist.  I studied with Ann for a number of years in order to achieve my goal of becoming a professional Health Kinesiologist.   Ann guided and encouraged me throughout without waiver. She supports her students and makes them feel unique.  Her wealth of experience brings HK alive and shows us that ‘there is always a way’.   Marion Sutton KFRP, Leicester UK

  • Are you looking for top quality, comprehensive therapy classes, or training to become a HK practitioner  in New Zealand taught by a highly qualified and experienced tutor?
  • Do you want to learn about complementary therapies (origins) and natural holistic healthcare?
  • Do you want to become an effective qualified holistic practitioner, using complementary health treatments?

Please browse this guide to Health Kinesiology training in NZ and Australia. It is based on the tutor Ann Parker’s many years experience in teaching Health Kinesiology.

Sandie Lovell is a highly qualified and experienced practitioner and is also part of the teaching team here in Australia.

Health Kinesiology

Although one of the most profound and successful of the many complementary therapies practised throughout the world today HK is simple to learn. From the completion of the first class you are able to go away and work on yourself, family and friends.

Whether you are a complete Kinesiology novice or already a skilled practitioner of another school of Kinesiology,  you will learn how to be a highly professional and effective mind / body / spirit energy consultant.

HK Trainer and Practitioner Ann Parker

Ann for website

Ann Parker
Head of HK NZ

“Over the years since 1993, I have seen many students (of all ages) progress through the Health Kinesiology Studies training programme. I have watched their excitement and awe at learning each new stage. I have provided on going support and encouragement between courses through email, post and telephone.

As most students now have access to email, a query from one student always sees the answer emailed to everyone at that stage apart from when the query is personal to that student. Those students without email are welcome to contact me by telephone.  I have found that the students themselves network well with other members of their group to provide extra support for each other and particularly when one of their fellow students is experiencing difficulties.

One of my greatest pleasures in training practitioners to a professional level has been to see how they change and grow in confidence as they come through the courses. It has been my privilege to watch over and inspire them to become excellent practitioners. Because the training is so thorough many of the HK students have such success with their ‘clients’, often from HK 1, that it encourages all of them to work hard, maximize their potential and qualify as professionals. Many of them have stayed good friends to this day.”

Contact Ann now for further information on training in HK